Signal against telegram

With the change in WhatsApp’s privacy policy, the new applications had the ability to demonstrate that they were able to meet users’ needs. This blogpost launches two applications in the ring and finds the last one in 2021. The blog post is the final comparison between the Signal and the Telegram.

Communication options

Signal vs. Telegram | The Best Messaging App in 2021 Signal self-assessment

Both offer basic treasure functions such as messaging, voice and video, but they are both different. With telegram you can create groups of up to 200,000 people, while with Signal you can send messages to yourself. It’s like a mini note app if you want to be reminded of something later on.

The telegram offers a large group limit, as well as polls, quizzes, hashtags and a bone system to increase involvement. You can add multiple Telegrama accounts, offering both group and video calls.

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Safety is one of the most important aspects. The messages, media and calls of the Telegram are fully encrypted using the MTProto protocol, which uses the Telegram on all platforms. The company also claims that if anyone can hack into your messages, they get $300,000.

Signal, on the other hand, uses its own protocol, the Signal Protocol, to encrypt messages, multimedia and calls. The same protocol is used by the Viber email application. The application can also be your standard email application on Android.

Data protection

Signal vs. Telegram | The Best Messaging App in 2021 Beeper chat settings

The most important part of the Signal vs. Telegram article is privacy. Your data, including messages, photos and videos, are stored on Telegram’s servers. According to the application’s FAQ, the data is stored on servers in the Netherlands and is highly encrypted. The company also does not pass on your data to third parties.

The Signal application saves your complete message history on your device. Signal stores a message on its servers only when it is in delivery status. As soon as the message is delivered, it is removed from the server.

The application also offers many privacy options in the application settings. You can enable or disable coupons, print indicators, and display links. You can select a PIN code when installing the application. The PIN code is used to store your profile photos and application settings.

Here is a list of all the information that both applications collect from you. According to the CNDT, the signal does not store any data about the user other than the telephone number, which is surprising in itself. Telegram does collect some data, but it is very limited compared to WhatsApp.

Signal Telegram
Phone number
Profile image (PIN-protected) Application settings (PIN-protected)
Phone number
Profile Image
User name
Bio (if added)
Contact details
User ID
Contacts (if enabled)

Both will delete your data when you ask to delete your account.


The Telegram application is available on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS. As the data is stored in the cloud, it is synchronized across different platforms. On the other hand, Signal is available on the same platforms, but to use the application on desktop platforms, you must have the Signal application on your phone.

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Signal vs. Telegram | The Best Messaging App in 2021 Telegraph Interface

The interface between the two is quite simple. You get all chats, including groups on the start screen. When you click on a chat or group, the chat will open. Clicking on a profile also opens other options. In the Telegram application you get :

  1. Name
  2. Last visit
  3. Telephone number
  4. Notification

The signal, on the other hand, offers more possibilities. They do:

  1. Is this person on your contact list
  2. Possibility to send disappearance messages
  3. Notification
  4. Notices to users
  5. Colour of the cat
  6. Each common group


Signal vs. Telegram | The Best Messaging App in 2021 Location of the telegrams

Both support photos, videos, voicemail, files, audio, emoticons and location. The telegram can also share information about the user’s location in real time. The application also indicates nearby locations to help share locations without specifying an address.

Which one should I use?

If you need privacy and security, I suggest Signal, but the problem with Signal is that there aren’t many people on this platform. So if your friends are willing to change, the signal is the answer.

The telegram is also secure and they don’t sell your data. The application offers more functionality than Signal. The application stores some information about you, and they store your data on their server, which can be tricky for some people.


The Signal and Telegram message has emphasized the most important characteristics of both messages. I hope the article helped you find the perfect application. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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