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Review by Kenwood dmx7704s

Review by Kenwood dmx7704s

Kenwood magazine dmx7704s

Review by Kenwood dmx7704s

Kenwood is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic equipment and has recently gained popularity for the production of high-end equipment for car audio systems. The Kenwood DMX7704S is one of the most versatile and powerful headunit replacement options.

This multimedia digital receiver not only has a large screen, but also a long list of impressive features that enhance the multimedia experience for any driver looking for extra entertainment and comfort on the road.

To make it easier for you to decide whether this main unit is the right choice for your vehicle, we offer you a detailed and in-depth overview of the model with all its features and benefits.

The Bluetooth receiver is designed to integrate iPhone and Android smartphones with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The 7-inch touchscreen lets you control your smartphone, playback and even the camera dashboard.


Touch screen and remote control

Review by Kenwood dmx7704s

Kenwood’s DMX7704S features a 6.95-inch LED backlit touch screen for high contrast, clear text and crystal clear display. The main screen of the main unit is adjusted by rearranging the icons and changing the background. The device offers frequently used buttons at the edges of the screen. The unit is compatible with the original steering wheel-mounted controls and the wireless remote control for added convenience.

Smartphone integration

You can connect your iPhone to a Kenwood multimedia receiver via Car Play to control your phone with a smarter, safer interface that lets you focus on driving.

The receiver also combines Android Auto’s intuitive voice interface with a large capacitive touch screen and excellent sound quality, making it the perfect companion for car life.

  • Get instructions from Apple Maps
  • listen to voicemail
  • Telephone
  • Sending SMS
  • SMS received
  • Use of Siri
  • Browse Music

Connecting two telephones

The receiver makes it possible to connect two phones at the same time for hands-free use and switch from one phone to the other at the touch of a button. The main unit’s intuitive interface makes it easy to make, receive and search for contacts. The Android Rapid Charge function allows you to charge any compatible Android smartphone via the USB port.

Two USBports

The Kenwood DMX7704S is equipped with two USB ports and extension cables to connect and manage portable USB storage devices such as flash drives and music players.

While the connected device is charging, you can play various audio and video files from the USB memory. The receiver supports almost all common file formats, including WMA, MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, MPEG, WMV and MKV.

Integrated Bluetooth

Review by Kenwood dmx7704s

The Kenwood DMX7704S features built-in Bluetooth technology, allowing you to make and receive calls wirelessly from your main unit and transfer music from your smartphone to the receiver. It allows you to connect up to ten Bluetooth devices to your head unit at the same time and easily switch between them.

You can also use the Bluetooth Handsfree for your mobile phone. You can use touch control to dial a number and answer or end a call. An external microphone allows you to make a call while listening through the car speaker.

If the receiver is connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth, it can access the Siri via the controls and a microphone. You can ask Siri to show you the direction to your destination and the instructions will be heard by the speakers while the map is displayed on the screen.


Review by Kenwood dmx7704s

The receiver provides access to Spotify and Pandora music services on an iPhone or Android phone connected via Bluetooth or USB. In addition, the Sirius XM Ready Tuner is compatible with the tuner, giving you access to more than 175 subscription-based channels. Thanks to the built-in HD radio tuner, the receiver can receive AM/FM broadcasts from local stations in high sound quality.

Line camera ready

The popularity of the instrument rooms is growing rapidly, and the Kenwood DMX7704S is designed to emulate the Kenwood instrument room. You can use the resistive touch screen on the receiver to control playback and recording of video on any disc. You will receive information such as collision warnings, departure warnings, etc.

Dual camera

With two camera inputs, you can install a reversing camera and use the integrated parking lines to park safely in high-traffic areas. You can adjust the viewing angle to get the best off-axis viewing angle.

Sound quality

Review by Kenwood dmx7704s

The built-in high-power amplifier sends a clear, crisp signal to the speaker, while the 13-band equalizer can adjust the sound to your liking. The Drive EQ function allows you to listen to music at a high sound level. The time-oriented DSP makes it possible to fine-tune the sound scene. The digital media receiver offers numerous volume settings to adjust the output of the source. It also provides bass control.

iDataLink Maestro

The DMX7704S is compatible with the Maestro iDataLink module to maintain the factory functions of your vehicle that would otherwise be lost when installing a new stereo system.

You can check advanced functions on the receiver display, such as air conditioning, bus pressure, remote sensor, measuring instruments and temperature monitors. It is also equipped with a built-in radar detector that warns of incoming threats.


  • Large size 6.95 inches.
  • Large number of input channels
  • Adjusting the viewing angle
  • Sirius XM function
  • Compatibility with HD radio and iPod
  • Secondary USB ports
  • Input for front and rear view camera
  • Variable coloured backlighting of the keys
  • Time alignment with 13-band EQ
  • Maestro iDataLink compatibility
  • 90-day warranty


  • Some kind of complex facility.
  • A little expensive.
  • Too many manual keys
  • No CD/DVD drive
  • No HDMI input

What’s in Box?

Digital media receiver with integrated 7-inch monitor

Cable loom

USB extension cable

Cutting ring

GPS antenna

Self-adhesive seal

instruction manual

Mounting screws

Warranty cheque

Last words

The Kenwood DMX7704S is a complete replacement for a stereo system with many great features designed to make in-car entertainment and comfort easier. With excellent expandability and compatibility with external components for enhanced performance and functionality, the Kenwood receiver is one of the best options for a multimedia head unit.

Review by Kenwood dmx7704s

Review by Kenwood dmx7704s

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