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Popcorn Time has been around for a long time and has become enormously popular as controversial software in recent years. The software is available free of charge on various platforms, and Popcorn Time is not only unsecured, but also known worldwide. The blog post discusses and discusses this application: Is popcorn time safe?


  • What’s popcorn?
  • Is popcorn time safe?
    • Drink-driving authorisation and data protection
    • Illegal use of content
    • How to protect
  • Accessible content
  •  Platforms
    • PC
      • Video player
    • Mobile
      • Android
      • iOS
      • Video player
  • Alternatives
  • Download .
  • Conclusion

What is popcorn time?

Popcorn Time is a torrent client and a free cross-platform video player. Popcorn Time is used to watch free movies and TV shows. The application streams the content of the torrent and allows it to be displayed on the device.

Is it time for popcorn?

I’m afraid not! What for? As a result of the flood, the use of illegal content and privacy issues.

Torrenting and data protection

The torrent uses Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology, where users share traffic and download speeds. As torrent users, they share their location and IP address with other torrent users. Hackers use this ability to penetrate computers or use it as a source of tight network technology to penetrate large systems.

Unauthorised use of contents

Streaming or downloading videos without paying for them is illegal. Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. pay the creators of the content. Even in 2015, according to PCWorld, the film industry started suing people who use Popcorn Time. Many official domain names have been closed, but in many cases developers and website owners have been able to continue the service with new domain names or in another form.


How do you protect?

Using VPN protects you from all of the above problems. The VPN uses encryption to protect the data you transfer to and from the server. The VPN also changes your location and IP address, which means you remain anonymous while browsing and streaming. However, another problem arises if you use a cheap or free VPN. VPN customers can store your logs and sell them to other companies, and the speed you get can be much slower than the original. It is recommended to use a trusted VPN customer.

The popcorn time display is safe and reliable. North VPN – 70% discount.

Available content

So what content is available? You are likely to find more content than any other streaming service. When a video or TV show is published, the video is added to the server. In most cases, recently released videos become popular and can be viewed on the main interface. It takes some time (a month) before the movie is available, because the developers are waiting for the video to be available in good quality.


Popcorn Time is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android. The application is not available on the official market.


Is Popcorn Time Safe by 2020? | Review of Popcorn Time

Time interface for popcorn

The software can be downloaded from the official website. The installation size is 56 MB and requires about 208 MB disk space for Windows. The program is easy to use because you can get popular videos on the homepage. We have the ability to switch between movies and TV shows, while the left side has a hidden menu. In this menu we have some options to filter the results.

In the upper right corner is the search bar with favourites, VPN, settings and options. Once the video is fully uploaded, you will find it in the Uploads folder specified in the Settings menu. Popcorn Time also recommends installing a VPN client before the content is broadcast. You also have the option to subscribe to a recommended / banned VPN.

Video games

Once you have selected the content, you will be taken to the information page where you can view descriptions, reviews, trailers and movie reviews. You also have the option to change the dubbing, quality and language before the video is broadcast. It takes a while to play the video because the software downloads the first part. Since downloading depends on colleagues, the fewer colleagues available, the slower the download speed. The video player comes with options such as subtitles, audio, sounds, pauses and stops. The program uses online subtitles, but you can choose your own subtitles.



The mobile application can be downloaded from the same website. The configuration of the application requires 42 MB disk space, while the application itself requires 83 MB on Android. The same content can be found in the application with the search and exchange buttons above. The menu on the left offers several additional options, including the official website, sharing, video quality filters, notifications, downloads and settings.


Installing Popcorn Time on iOS is not as easy as installing it on Android. You need to download the installer to your PC and use the USB cable to connect your phone, and then follow the installer on your PC to install the application on your phone. The application has the same interface and functions as the iPhone.

Video games

Is Popcorn Time Safe by 2020? | Review of Popcorn Time

Popcorn time Android player

Just like the computer, video takes a while. On Android, movies take longer to start than on a PC. Besides the same options we have a download button to download the videos. Popcorn Time may offer to install a third party application (Safe Watch), but you can ignore this message or return to Popcorn Time to download the video. You can see the download speed of the video in the notification window. When you switch to a video player, we have the same options, with the additional option to adjust the video size.

Tip: If the download message does not disappear after downloading the video, go to the application settings and force the application to close.


There are many alternatives to Popcorn Time, some legal, some not. Here’s a list of some of them:

  1. Showbox – Showbox is not legal, but they don’t use P2P.
  2. Tubi TV – Tubi TV is legal, free and safe, but you won’t find as much content as on Popcorn Time.
  3. Netflix – Netflix is a popular streaming service. You take money, and the service is legal.
  4. Yify.tv – Yify.tv is a streaming content service for Torrenting. The website is prohibited in some countries.
  5. Amazon Prime – Just like Netflix, Amazon Prime is a streaming service.

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Popcorn Time is a money-saving application used by thousands of users every day. The article covered the most important topics; I hope that the review of the post-Popkornovo period was useful. Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think of Popcorn Time so we can discuss it further.

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