The task of making or buying a PC game interests many people all over the world. It can be one of the most demanding tasks, even for inexperienced PC users. Although the appeal of building a computer lies in the eyes of the viewer, there are many advantages and disadvantages to building your own PC compared to buying a finished model. In this article, we examine whether it is better to make your own game console or to purchase it pre-assembled.

Is it cheaper to build or buy a PC game?

In general, it is cheaper to build a PC game than to buy a game console. This is due to the fact that you don’t pay any extra costs for the installation and the profit associated with the finished PC. In most cases, the following provisions shall apply: The more expensive the finished PC, the higher the installation costs and the higher the seller’s profit. So it’s really cheaper to build a PC. However, you are less likely to lose time and damage your PC components if you decide to build a PC from scratch instead of buying the finished version.

Do you need to build or buy a gaming PC?

The best way to answer this question is to look at your budget and your needs.

As a computer gamer, you need the computer that gives you the best value for money. However, when it comes to building or buying a PC, market prices can vary depending on many factors. Demand for certain PC components, as opposed to supply, can cause price fluctuations.

During the turmoil in mining cryptology or during the crisis, for example, some miners in currency cryptology used a large number of video cards for their work because of their computing power. The rapid rise in the price of GPUs therefore makes the purchase of a PC a much more economical decision than is currently the case.

In addition, other devices, such as mobile phones, use the same material for their main memory as PC modules. These factors, even if temporary, can affect your profits when you purchase your own components.

It is therefore advisable to check the current market prices when purchasing a new PC game. This allows the user to get a better idea of the feasibility or cost of producing or purchasing a computer.

Do I need to buy a gaming PC?

Although nowadays it is easier to buy a finished PC in your wallet, the expectations of the user are the decisive factor. In particular, what they want to achieve with a gaming PC will determine how they should behave when they want to buy it. If the user expects the best price/performance ratio, many machines are ready for this purpose. However, if you are looking for absolutely better performance, it is usually best to build a PC game from scratch.

However, every type of gaming PC purchase has its pros and cons. We will cover each of these aspects in the next chapter.

Advantages and disadvantages of creating a PC


Adaptability: Selection of own items

The best way to make a PC is undoubtedly to choose the components yourself. The idea behind the development of a computer is to adapt components for both performance and visual design. When you create a PC, you can design it to work well in certain games and tasks depending on your needs and budget.

In addition to performance and budget aspects, you can also opt for the visual design of your PC. In short, you can adapt the components to your needs and also save a little money or spend on RGB lighting, light boxes or other cosmetic accessories.

More favourable because no overheads are incurred

In addition to the choice of components, the user also supports the assembly of his own PC. For many, this task seems impossible or extremely difficult. But users with little knowledge – or with the knowledge to use Google or YouTube – can save a lot of money on installation costs. Although the installation and commissioning may take some time, it is usually worthwhile to build the computer. Although not for economic reasons, some users prefer to build their own gaming PC for their own personal enjoyment.

Feel more connected and done with your PC

For many people, the exciting process of creating and starting a PC is unparalleled. For some users this process is almost ritualistic: Installing the mainboard in the case, inserting the processor in the slot and attaching it, inserting RAM in the memory slots, etc. is very satisfactory and works. When finally, after a long working day, when everything has been picked up, the PC is running without any problems, then the time that was spent was really worth it.


Time needed to create the PC

As mentioned before, it can take some time to build a PC, especially if the training takes place on site. Moreover, some tasks may not be accessible in the first instance. This may be due to a lack of necessary tools or simply because the user does not know how to perform certain tasks. With regard to the latter, particular attention should be paid to the proper laying of cables and the installation of water-cooled equipment. In short, developing a computer can take a lot of time; time that not everyone wants to invest.

Risk of damage to PC components

Although this is difficult to achieve if the user is not at all familiar with the process, there is always the risk that parts will be damaged when building a PC. It is known that even the most innocent things, such as static electricity, can damage certain components. If something goes wrong in this case, the user cannot contact official support. If the component is damaged during installation, the warranty is void without exception.

Compatibility and assembly errors

Due to technical progress and the availability of improved components, compatibility problems arise in equal measure. Purchasing items that are not compatible with each other is an inherent risk in the production of a PC. To avoid this, the user must carry out extensive research to ensure compatibility.

Moreover, even if all components are compatible, there is always a risk of incorrect installation. In this context, tasks such as connecting the front panel pins to the corresponding connectors on the motherboard come to mind. Although the error in this section is not material, it may lead to the incorrect or even non-existent operation of certain features of the case.

Is it cheaper to build or purchase a gaming PC? Advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a PC


No assembly time

Buy a finished computer as easily and conveniently as you can view the desired model and place an order. Manufacturers take care of everything, from assembly and testing to transport and handling. As soon as a finished computer arrives at the door, it is normally ready for use: It comes ready to use with an installed operating system and all associated software and can be used as soon as it is connected.

Compatible parts

Similarly, when purchasing a finished PC, the user never has to worry about the compatibility of the components. In fact, it is impossible to make a mistake, because these computers are already assembled and well tested.

Warranty in case of problem

Unlike creating your own gaming PC, when you buy a finished computer, you get full support from the manufacturer. If something is wrong or if the part has been damaged in transit, contact the manufacturer for replacement.


Less execution

Finished game PCs, which were once exorbitant, are now available in various configurations. Gone are the days when users had to invest thousands of dollars in a game console or settle for a cheap, ready-to-use work computer. The wide repertoire of available components makes it possible to choose from many models on the market. But when it comes to finished computers, what you see is what you get. In many cases it is not possible to adapt the components to your wishes.

Higher by manufacturer’s overhead

It takes time and knowledge to make a computer. Not everyone can sit down, the pieces are scattered on the table and go into the building. Depending on your settings, the adjustment may take several hours or even more than a day. Do you need a water cooling solution for your powerful processor in the aftermarket? Assembly also takes time. In addition, cable management is a complex task that can cause more damage in inexperienced hands than its use.

All these assembly tasks are delivered in a prefabricated PC as a bonus. The manufacturer does all the dirty work so you don’t have to. However, they also increase the assembly costs, which can sometimes significantly increase the final price of the PC.

May void the warranty by modifying or upgrading a previously installedPC.

Tampering with the hardware of a finished computer will generally void thewarranty. There is therefore no freedom to install, disassemble or manipulate the components without the manufacturer possibly losing his support.

Moreover, it is not possible to update the computer without affecting the warranty. However, depending on the design, it may take several years before the PC needs an upgrade until the warranty expires again. If the computer is a finished computer, any action other than opening the computer to clean the parts may void the warranty.

Double Final

The decision to buy or make a PC game is ultimately a matter of preference and budget.

You can save a few dollars by building your own mid-range computer. Unfortunately, these savings are negligible at best. However, you can save hundreds of dollars by creating your own high-end gaming PC. You can save money by creating your own combination of components specifically tailored to your needs.

On the other hand, there are many affordable and ready-to-use computers on the market today. Most of these settings can work for many games in the medium to ultra settings and well above 60FPS. However, this convenience and price is achieved through configuration possibilities and flexibility, and sometimes through performance. Moreover, for many users the experience of creating their own computer is unparalleled.

In any case, each approach has many advantages and disadvantages and many options for most budgets and objectives. Finally, the choice depends on the user’s preferences and willingness to get his hands dirty, so to speak, when making his computer.



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