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In-Depth Dr Fone Review – Best Phone Data Recovery Program for 2020?

In-Depth Dr Fone Review – Best Phone Data Recovery Program for 2020?

It is too easy to accidentally delete data from your phone and it is very difficult to recover these files after they have disappeared. Luckily we have tools like the Dr.fonetoolbox. Dr.fone Toolkit is one of the most popular programs for recovering phone data that helps you recover accidentally deleted files and photos. But this versatile toolkit offers much more than just data recovery.

Dr.fone also helps you manage all the files on your device, including pre-installed software and hard-to-find files; easily transfer contacts, photos, and messages from one phone to another; securely delete unnecessary data; and fix system errors and other phone problems.

In addition, the toolbox has a user-friendly interface that makes the management of all this data fast and intuitive, and is a very reliable software.

What’s Dr. Fawn? 1Б9.

Dr.fonestarted as a simple set to repair and restore iOS. But soon the developers added even more features and extended the same services to Android devices. Please note that iOS and Android kits are not identical because the two operating systems have different functions and requirements.

Dr.fone is a product of Wondershare, a highly respected software development company that has a number of popular applications and tools. Dr.fone has grown in the 4 years since its introduction and now has more than 50 million payments.

Who’s Dr. Von?

Dr.fone is designed for those who want to recover lost or deleted data on their phone. It has been remarkably successful and has received awards and recognition for its data recovery capabilities. It is also an excellent tool to facilitate the management of devices: Backup and restore, install and uninstall, file transfer and easy management of data on your phone.

It’s also great for people who use multiple devices, or for those who want to keep the camera roll of their phone safe on their computer. Or to finally erase some (or all) data from your old device. Because it allows you to uninstall pre-installed software, it is also ideal for people with limited phone memory who want to store important photos, messages and contacts securely and manage their existing memory at the same time.

Dr. Vaughan, right?

If you’re worried about the safety of your equipment, you don’t have to worry. Dr. Fawn is perfectly safe. In many ways. First of all, the toolkit is 100% virus and malware free and will not damage your devices. Moreover, the software is fully certified by Norton. You can also try dr.fone, as it comes with a 7-day free trial. So you can try it out to see if it meets your specific needs.

But I’m warning you. As you can see, not all data is restored and Dr.fone may not be able to restore all your files. But even if Dr.fone does not help you find all the data, the tools will not damage your computer. Or install unwanted software.

My share in the miracles Dr. von Umfrage

Characteristics of medical history

Dr.fone offers many features to help you get the most out of your mobile devices and manage your data. Let’s first talk about the data recovery function (which is also the most popular).

  • Data Recovery:Dr.fone allows you to recover both data and deleted data from your phone, mobile device, memory cards, hard drives and computers. Dr.fone has the highest curing rate in the industry and is compatible with all current devices. You can retrieve photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs and more.

In-Depth Dr Fone Review – Best Phone Data Recovery Program for 2020? Restore phone

My medical exam: Restore my iOS phone

  • Transfer and switching:You can transfer data between iOS and Android devices and computers, or copy data from one device to another. Move photos, files, and music from your mobile devices to your computer, or transfer music, messages, and data from one phone to another. You can transfer iOS files without using iTunes, and you can manage data during transfer by exporting, adding, or deleting files. Export and import of contacts and merging duplicates.

In-Depth Dr Fone Review – Best Phone Data Recovery Program for 2020?

My report on Dr. Fawn: PC transfer via Android phone

  • Repair: dr.fone helps solve various problems in the operating system by fixing bugs and restoring full functionality.

In-Depth Dr Fone Review – Best Phone Data Recovery Program for 2020?

My report on Dr. Von: iOS repair

  • Delete:You can permanently delete data from your mobile devices so that you can process or sell them without worry. You can either perform a complete deletion of the default data, or just delete some personal data and leave your applications intact.

In-Depth Dr Fone Review – Best Phone Data Recovery Program for 2020?

My review of Dr. Fawn: Delete iOS

  • Data backup and recovery: You can restore deleted photos, videos and files from your Android devices or restore deleted data, contacts and photos from your iPhone.
  • Backup and recovery of social applications:You can back up data from WhatsApp, Wechat, Kik, LINE, Viber and more.

In-Depth Dr Fone Review – Best Phone Data Recovery Program for 2020?

My report on Dr. Von: Backup and Restore iOS

  • Unlock:You can unlock the phone lock screen, unlock the iPhone without a password or iTunes, or unlock your Android phone without a reset.

In-Depth Dr Fone Review – Best Phone Data Recovery Program for 2020?

My report on Dr. Background: Unlocking the iOS screen

  • Recording:Dr.fone has a utility that allows you to record a screen to your Android device.
  • Root:With Dr.fone you can easily and safely carrot your Android device.

In-Depth Dr Fone Review – Best Phone Data Recovery Program for 2020?

My report on Dr. Fawn: Android phone

  • Data extraction: For some devices, Samsung Dr.fone can help retrieve data from a physically damaged or defective device.

Dr. von Price

The price of Dr.fone can be a bit confusing because they sell each feature as a separate application, and they also sell the complete package as a toolbox. You can only select the functions or features of Dr.fone that you need. And to pay them individually. This is how the various tapes are written:

  • Switching (to copy data from one phone to another) : $29.95
  • Delete (to completely and securely delete the data on the device) : $19.95
  • Recovery (to recover lost or deleted data) : $59.95
  • Repair (to troubleshoot problems with the iOS system) : $59.95
  • Transfer (to transfer data between devices and computers) : $39.95
  • Backup and recovery (for backing up and restoring phone data) : $19.99
  • Unlock (to unlock the phone) : $59.95
  • Social Application Recovery (for backup and recovery of social applications) : $19.95
  • Restore iTunes (to fix iTunes errors and problems) : $19.95

All these functions are included in the sold tool:

  • The iOS toolkit costs $ $99.95.
  • The Android Dr.fone toolkit costs $ $139.95.

Finally, you can purchase Dr.fone Recover as a multi-device license. The costs of the repair licenses are as follows

  • Staff (1-5 mobile devices, 1 computer): $59.95. US$69.95 one-off lifetime cost
  • family (6 to 10 mobile devices, 1 computer) : $63,92. One-off lifetime cost of $79.92 per year
  • Business (unlimited mobile devices, 1 computer): $399 per year

Custom plans are also available for different device, computer and time configurations. Please contact Wondershare for custom packages.

Tip: If you plan to use dr.fone to recover some lost or deleted files, download a free trial version before you buy it. If the program cannot find the required files with the free trial version, it will not find them with the paid version.

Get Dr. Fawn!

Basic medical report: Advantages and disadvantages of

The advantages of

  • Dr. Von has the highest recovery rate in the industry.
  • Compatible with all current devices and operating systems.
  • Dr.fone comes with a money back guarantee and free technical support.
  • The software has a very simple and user-friendly interface.
  • You can view the data before performing a recovery.
  • Unlike many other recovery programs, you can recover all lost data or just select the right files.
  • Restore old data without overwriting current data.
  • You can manage data while transferring, previewing, adding or deleting files you don’t need.
  • You can upload all your photos and videos, including those from your camera roll, photo libraries and streaming photos.
  • With Dr. fone, you can access all the files on your mobile device, even the hard to find ones.
  • Install and remove multiple applications with a single click, even pre-installed.
  • Your privacy is protected by advanced encryption
  • Specialized assistance is available 24 hours a day by e-mail.


  • Not all data has been restored. Download the free version first if you are looking for specific files
  • Several users have reported that some recovered photos may have a lower resolution than the originals.

Assessment of Dr. von’s Toolbox: Conclusion

Wondershare is a serious company, and Dr.fone is a solid product that meets its needs year after year. Then why does he get bad reviews on the Internet? Or rather, why does the site get so many excellent reviews from publishers and professionals, but less from the public? I think there are two main reasons:

  • Data recovery is incomplete:In fact, mobile devices are designed to save space by deleting and overwriting data. Data recovery is difficult, even for experts. And not every tool can do everything. No software can fix absolutely everything in every scenario.
  • people are emotionally involved:people who accidentally delete important files or irreplaceable memories expect to get their files back if they pay $100 for Dr.fone. Unfortunately, that’s not always true. This is especially difficult if they do not match past backups, which reduces the chances of a successful recovery. These people are of course angry about the files they have lost and feel that this solution didn’t work for them, so they write negative comments.

However angry these people may be, this does not mean that Dr. phone is a bad product or that it does not meet their requirements. If you store important files on your devices, the should also use existing tools to back up yourdevice. And these backups help you recover lost data no matter what software you’re using. If you’ve lost your data and don’t have a backup, dr.fone is a good choice as a last resort, but it may not work in all cases.

Dr.fone is simply the best data recovery software for your mobile phone. It has proven itself year after year and is widely recognized in the industry. It is a safe and reliable way to restore, protect, transfer or manage mobile data quickly and easily.

We highly recommend it!

Get Dr. Fawn!



PS: Finally, I hope my report on Dr. Fawn has been helpful to your decisions. I also recommend that you visit our website to learn more about other online programs for small businesses. For example, our article on the best cleaner for Mac. If you have any questions about this Dr.fone review or any other subject, please send us an e-mail using our contact form.

In-Depth Dr Fone Review – Best Phone Data Recovery Program for 2020?

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