The video editor is a tool for creating professional video presentations. And not just for commercial purposes, the universal video editing tool makes special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries more memorable.

Whatever you need, you want to use a video editor that delivers high quality, professional results.

Fortunately, there are many tools to choose from. And in this article we have tested Wondershare Filmora, one of the big names, to see if it lives up to its reputation.

Welcome to my film review!

What is Wondershare Filmora?

It allows you to quickly and easily record beautiful, professional videos from your desktop or mobile device. With a wide range of professional video and audio editing, motion graphics andvisual effects, you can present any type of video and show a wide range of cinematographic effects in movies. Whether you want to make a square video for Instagram, a screenshot video for online courses and classes, make a video of your Facebook content, or remember with a gift, you can do it all with Filmora.

It should also be noted that Filmora has powerful editing, mixing and sound filters that similar instruments simply do not have. And it’s incredibly important. Poor sound can make even the best video invisible, and this is an aspect of post-production that is often overlooked by amateurs. Filmora’s audio tools are a powerful way to enhance any video.

And Filmore is more than just a video editor, he’s also a professional slide presenter.

Below you will find a video with an overview of the Filmor and its characteristics:


Now let’s take a good look at their characteristics:

Film properties

The film has many wonderful qualities. And here are some of the ones I used:

  • Simple and easy to use. Wondershare Filmora is for people who have never used video editing software before. Use simple and intuitive drag-and-drop tools to create high quality videos.

In-Deepth Filmora Review – The Best Video Editor in 2020?

  • Filters and buffers. size filters and pads can be used to add a vintage touch to the video, to make the film sparkle or grainy, and to create an atmosphere with colour. Filmora 300+ filters are just as easy to use and make your video even more attractive. You can also move the tilt to blur only part of the image.

In-Deepth Filmora Review – The Best Video Editor in 2020?

  • Colour correction. You can adjust the colour balance and dynamic range of your video in Filmore. And you can even use the presets for Lut 3D color correction.
  • Text and headings. You can also easily add a variety of text to images, use it as a title, can opener or subtitle in different fonts, formats and styles. The film supports up to 5 layers of text.

In-Deepth Filmora Review – The Best Video Editor in 2020?

  • Screen shot. You can save your computer screen for games or use textbooks and video.
  • Elements of the motion. You can also drag and drop animated elements into the video. With themes and styles that cover a wide range of views and add interest and style to your video projects. You can even add a camera shake.

In-Deepth Filmora Review – The Best Video Editor in 2020?

  • Transitions. Add transitions between images or video clips with a stylish look that adds a special touch to your video. And for custom transitions, wipes and effects are available

In-Deepth Filmora Review – The Best Video Editor in 2020?

or more:

  • Music Library. The movie contains a library of free songs to bring your video to life. You can add up to 10 numbers to the timeline.

In-Deepth Filmora Review – The Best Video Editor in 2020?

  • Securities store. Filmora has a marketplace full of special effects and movie elements that you can buy to customize and enhance your video.
  • Front 4K resolution. Ultra high resolution videos look more professional. You can also donate small files that can be shared on almost any platform.
  • Audio control. Filmoreallows you to mix and filter audio and video, eliminating unwanted background noise and improving sound clarity. You can also separate audio and video to edit the songs separately.
  • Change your video. You can change the speed of your video or flip and play back your clips. The film supports picture-in-picture, split-screen, film stabilization, green screen, and color manipulation.
  • Social imports. With Filmora you can not only export and share your videos on social networks. You can also import social files. And include them in your videos.
  • Advanced treatment. You can display the audio and video tracks frame by frame for greater accuracy. Or, pan and zoom photos to move.
  • Control aspect. Create a square or portrait video of your choice, without a black frame. Or replace the black stripes with fluffy stripes. Or you can crop photos automatically and resize them to fit the size of your video project.

In-Deepth Filmora Review – The Best Video Editor in 2020?

Film prices

In-Deepth Filmora Review – The Best Video Editor in 2020?

Price: The range is fromFREEto$59.99service life. In addition, they have a lifelong business plan for $.99. AndSpecial prices for students.

Bring in the Filmore!

Movie overview: Advantages and disadvantages of

The advantages of

  • The very reasonable prices and ease of use make Filmore a good choice for beginners.
  • Filmora is not only the best video editing software, but also a professional slide presenter.
  • Professional quality with over 300 effects, filters, transitions and images you can see on the show.
  • In addition, Filmora has excellent music integration that supports features such as advanced audio filters, controls and song mixing.
  • Finally, the 4k resolution is really impressive.


  • Filmora has an application for making videos, but the interface is not very user friendly and works best from the desktop.

Movie overview: Output In-Deepth Filmora Review – The Best Video Editor in 2020?

Although experienced video editing experts may want more features and options in Filmora, it is not designed to compete with Premiere as professional editing software. The film is intended to provide the casual user with cinematic video effects and video of professional quality.

And it’s rare that there are so many powerful and advanced features in software that aren’t designed for professionals. And that’s why Filmore can be a bit tricky for beginners. But Wondershare has solved this problem in a pleasant way by delivering theEasy Mode – a more convenient version for beginners with fewer features. And when you feel more comfortable with Filmore, you can switch to full control mode.

In my Wondershare Filmora evaluation I finally found a very big advantage: Wondershare Filmora is specially designed for mobile video and social networks. With Filmora, creating a square video, blurring the walls, creating a gift or using filters of the Instagram type is integrated into the package, easily accessible and easy to use. This makes it an incredibly powerful tool for videos designed for mobile platforms.

In my opinionFilmora is the best video editor forbeginners. Mainly because of the low prices and user-friendliness. And because they also have one of the best mobile media and social media integrations on the market, Filmore is also the best video producer for social media marketers.

We highly recommend it!

Bring in the Filmore!

In-Deepth Filmora Review – The Best Video Editor in 2020?

In-Deepth Filmora Review – The Best Video Editor in 2020?

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Finally, I hope my review of Wondershare Filmora was helpful in your choice. I also recommend that you visit our website to learn more about other online programs for small businesses. And if you have any questions about the Filmore Review or anything else, feel free to email us using our contact form.

In-Deepth Filmora Review – The Best Video Editor in 2020?

Hi, I’m Tim, an engineer and small businessman from Northern California. I am a creative writer and an open-minded technical blogger who is passionate about helping people and stimulating creativity in my head through excellent educational materials, articles and honest software reviews.



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