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HTML: 3 Ways to CSS Text Bold

HTML: 3 Ways to CSS Text Bold

In this lesson you will learn how to put bold text in CSS using 3 methods.

In most cases you will use a bold keyword to bold the font using the font property. But if you want to apply different amounts of courage, you can use a multiple of 100.

In addition, you can use embedded CSS for elements and use <b> and <strong> to bold the paragraph text. Below you will find some examples:

1. Use of CSS font feature in header section

For the font weight, enter the number that defines the font in bold: is normal, bold, lighter or a multiple of 100 from 100 to 900, with 400 equivalents of normal. Larger and lighter than the upper element.

Syntax for font size

Font size: normal|fat|light number|initial|initialized ;

How to specify letter weights

font size: 700;
font size: bold; /* as 700 */
font size: normal; /* as 400 */
font size: lighter; /* compared to the parent element */

CSS for the leading class of section

< style>
.bold_text {
font: bold;


<body><p class=bold_text> Here the full paragraph is bold.</p></body>.

Net revenue

The whole paragraph is in bold.

2. Use of element <b>

Place element <b> between the paragraph element to make a certain part of the paragraph bold.


<p>The other part of sub-point <b> is in bold </b>.</p>.

Net revenue

Part of the article is printed in bold.

3. Use of the <fort>element

Bold the text of a specific part of a paragraph using <strong>


<p> Part of the paragraph will be bold <strong> with a strong </strong>.</p> element.

Net revenue

Part of the subject is printed in bold with a strong element.

Full example

<DOCTYPE html>
<html lung=en

<Head><Style>.bold_text {fat_text {font-weight: bold;}</tyle>>Head>

<Bodies >
. Testing: Put the text in bold in the CSS</h1>
<h2> Use CSS class</h2>
<p class=bold text> It is a whole paragraph in bold.</p>
<h2>Use b</h2>
<p>On a part <b>The bold paragraph</b>.</p>
<h2>Element bold.</h2>
<p>On a part of the bold paragraph </strong>.</p>


Net revenue

As the figure in this article shows.

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HTML: 3 Ways to CSS Text Bold

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