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HTC Vive vs PSVR The Best VR Headset for 2020

HTC Vive vs PSVR The Best VR Headset for 2020

The virtual reality revolution is underway and the HTC Vive vs. PSVR Best VR headphones, along with the Oculus Rift, offer the most impressive immersion and visual effects. This article is intended to help you decide whether to invest in Vive, which is designed for the PC, or PSVR, which works with the PlayStation 4 game console.

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HTC Vive vs. PSVR Comparison of the best VRheadset

HTC Vive vs PSVR RVBest Headphones Award

When HTC Vive was introduced in April 2016, the starting price was low. Since then, the price has dropped further, bringing the headphones closer to the PlayStation VR. In fact, you’ll also need the PlayStation Move controllers that come with the PlayStation VR.

HTC Vive vs PSVR The Best VR Headset for 2020

No Vive package, because everything you need to enjoy a headset is included, including two wireless controllers, two base stations, a communications box, a pair of headsets, Vive accessories, a security manual and a warranty card. You need one more thing: a powerful PC with a high-end graphics card. If you’re a computer player and you already have one, it’s done.

HTC Vive vs. PSVR Best fitting and comfort of a VRhelmet

If HTC Vive and PlayStation VR were accessories for Mecha Anime, the PSVR would certainly fight for the good, while Vive would be on the side of evil.

When Sony’s engineers and designers worked on the PSVR, they clearly wanted to make headphones that seemed to come from the future. The result is a stylish helmet that looks like a science fiction helmet. Although the PSVR doesn’t work well as a helmet (just because it doesn’t cover the upper part of the head doesn’t mean you won’t like any orc axis), it offers excellent comfort and adjustability. With the button on the back of the screen you can easily adjust the size of the soft headband to fit your head. The screen is attached to the headband so as not to exert too much pressure on your face.

Vive looks like a solid prototype or a futuristic torture tool capable of capturing the thoughts and memories of prisoners and sending them from the screen to the headband via a bundle of wires. But once you get past first impressions, you’ll discover that Vive is a well-designed helmet that’s extremely durable and comfortable, and that it comes with a handy walk-through camera that lets you see your surroundings, even with the helmet on your head. The supplied controllers are very light and accurate and have a charging time of up to 5 hours.

HTC Vive vs. PSVR Best VRheadset configuration

To configure HTC Vive, you need a computer with VR support and the latest graphics drivers. When you’ve met all the requirements, it’s time to choose a room with at least 2m x 1.5m free space to move around in. There should be enough space in the room, because some games require players to keep their hands above their heads. The next step is to place two base stations in two opposite corners of the room. The base stations must be above your head, tilted at an angle of approximately 30-45 degrees and have a clear view of each other. Once the Base Stations are installed and activated, you can connect the Link Box to the PC and connect the Vive headset to the Link Box. Finally, you will need to prepare the headset, install the Stream and download several VR compatible games.

The configuration of the PlayStation VR is not significantly different from that of Vive, except that there are no reference stations for spatial tracking. Start by connecting the processor to the TV and PS4 and then connect the PS4 camera to the PS4. Then, connect the PS4 and CPU Box with a USB cable and connect the CPU Box to the power supply. The headset extension cable is then connected to the front of the processing unit. Finally, connect the headphones to the extension cord, turn everything on and update the PlayStation VR software if you like.

HTC Vive vs PSVR Best VR headphones picture quality and games

The HTC Vive has two OLED screens of 1200 x 1080 pixels with a total resolution of 2160 x 1200 pixels and a refresh rate of 90 Hz. The PlayStation VR features a 5.7-inch (1920 x 1080) LED display with a 120 Hz higher refresh rate. Vive’s field of vision is 110 degrees, while PSVR has a slightly narrower field of vision – 100 degrees. In fact, you are unlikely to notice any significant difference between the two helmets in this respect.

Vive tends to offer the best immersion in the game thanks to the spatial tracking. Games in which you can move a figure instead of just standing in one place have a VR wow factor that contributed significantly to the beginning of the noise around the Oculus fracture a few years ago. PSVR works best in several cockpit games where you don’t move your thumbnail and you can see it from a fixed position.

Other high-budget games from major publishers are now available on PSVR. Games such as Batman Arkham VR, FARPOINT, EVE Valkyrie, Resident Evil 7 biohazard or DRIVECLUB VR all leave a very positive first impression thanks to their graphic fidelity and finish. While some of these and other high-budget games are available on Vive, Steam’s VR category has many independent games at different stages of development, and not all Vive games work perfectly from the start.

HTC Vive vs PSVR Comparison of the best RV headphones Rating

HTC Vive

  • Good – Broadloom tracking, better graphics, higher screen resolution, large library of games
  • Poor – higher cost, more complex installation, takes up a lot of space.

PlayStation VR

  • Good – relatively affordable, more convenient, exclusive games, easier to set up
  • Medium – limited space, low resolution screen, fewer games

The HTC Vive is currently the most technologically advanced RV headset on the market. Because it is not tied to a particular console with limited performance, developers can create a virtual reality experience that is as realistic and compelling as modern computers. Vive’s spatial tracking capabilities are as impressive as its image quality. On the other hand, PlayStation VR has managed to bring virtual reality to the masses. It’s easy to set up, it’s cheap, and it just works.

After all, the choice between two VR headsets essentially depends on whether you are a set-top box or a computer disk. If you have a powerful gaming setup, it makes sense to pay more for superior Vive performance. And if you have a PlayStation 4, a large collection of high-budget VR games with PSVR costs just a few hundred dollars.

* If you buy through links on our website, we can earn affiliate commissions. For more information, please visit our privacy policy page.



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