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How to Use Bins To Create Free Premium Accounts – 2019


How to use the BIN code on a website.

Read it if you are new to this BIN file.

That’s why a lot of people ask me how to use BIN and what BIN is. So let me explain.

BIN – Bank code given by the bank and, in most cases, the first 6 digits of your credit/debit card.

How can credit cards be made from BIN? There are scripts for creating cards that use different algorithms, such as those used by banks, to obtain the correct credit/debit card number.

Enter the BIN code (in the BIN field) and click Create Maps on the website.

I’m telling you, there’s no need to search for live maps, if you want BIN to work on a website, just create maps! There’s no need to test lives.

After making a few cards, just use them on the website.

If you’ve provided information such as…


BIN 469696xxxxx

So just copy the supplied BIN, create at least one card and copy it!!!!
Now connect to a premium VPN that provides IP addresses for U.S. districts. You can also use socks5 (if you know them, you can’t clean them).

Now that you’ve created the card and connected to Shithole’s IP, you’re ready to go.
Open this site, create an account (use the temporary mail) and forward it to the payment pages and enter any false information (if not provided and if requested). Enter your card details and you’re ready to go.

Can a BIN/card be used for Amazon’s physical cards or for the recording?

Well, I’m gonna be a real boss, with the knowledge you’ve got so far, you can’t do that, so don’t come ask me for this shit, it’s really right in front of you.

The last thing to remember is when you see that many cards of the same series are used for testing, and thus die quickly.
Basically Netflix gets bug fixes in a few hours/hour because they fix the BIN and their automatic crap script very quickly, so don’t complain that Netflix doesn’t work Give me a Netflix account :3.

Now you’ve learned how to use the dumpers. Now I’m going to explain how to make garbage cans…

How to make baskets.

Before we start, we need to know one thing, there are two types of CC verification attempts in the premium account test.
The first test is a reality check.
-> This type of attempt simply checks the CC EXP CVV validation and makes the
-> It is very easy to bypass their
-> egg validation. Tsunami

The second is the approval process.
-> With this kind of attempts, the authorization on the card is done for 1 USD.
-> It also has a verification system to check the cardholder’s name if it is a LSV.
-> Ex. Netflix
To find your shopping cart, you need the following before you start
=> Hard work
=> Patience
=> Generator
=> SS operation
=> Good internet connection
=> VPN (Premium)

If you now want to find the basket for the second type of premium accounts, you should consider the following:-

Step one: Go to the Country/Bank section of the BIN websites, e.g.
Step 2 : Select any country (mainly low security countries such as OMAN, VAE, etc.)
Step 3 : Select smaller (less secure) banks
Step 4 : Select a debit card (not credit card) BIN
Step 5 : Generate an SS with it
Step 6 Check
, step 7 : Get Lives
Step 8 : Test the
Step 9 : Repeat the second step until you get to work.

For type 1 tests :
Select USA, CAPITAL ONE Mastercards.
1) Choose a debit (not credit) level for your BIN
card 2) Generate a CC with this
3) Check with this
4) Make a life for yourself
5) Check with this
Do it again and again until you find a job
Don’t forget to change your IP to CC-Land IP



 working bin for netflix,cc checker

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