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How to Uninstall / Remove VirtualBox from Mac OS

How to Uninstall / Remove VirtualBox from Mac OS

Hello everyone, let’s talk about How to remove VirtualBox for Mac OS X. If you want to uninstall VirtualBox now, download CleanMyMac X (the download is free) and go to the last part of this article How to uninstall VirtualBox with CleanMyMac X For anyone who wants to know more about the different ways to uninstall VirtualBox, read the following.

Many applications now have installation mechanisms that integrate them very deeply into the system, making it difficult to remove them in due course. VirtualBox is one of the applications that fall into this category.

VirtualBox requires about 250-400 Mb. However, if you use an environment like Windows, it can be 2 to 10 GB or more.  At first glance, this memory does not seem that big, but for someone who works in limited space and does not have too much free space, even a very small memory is important. Who knows when that little piece might come in handy? And a lot of people work there in a limited camp.

As we know, in this article we have How to remove VirtualBox for Mac OS X

This may all seem insignificant, because how hard will it be to uninstall a program from your Mac? When talking about uninstalling an application, it is important to understand the difference between uninstalling and uninstalling an application. This article is about uninstalling VirtualBox from Mac OS X.

Deleting a request is simply removing that specific request from your system. But what about the accessory files that come with the installation package? This is where the removal of the installation will be discussed. The complete process of uninstalling an application with its help files is correctly called – Uninstall .

This article discusses two different ways to uninstall VirtualBox on Mac OS X. One is manual and the other is the use of another application called CleanMyMac X. This software and applications are now available on the market, making it possible to get rid of applications that are normally very difficult to get rid of. This software is not only reliable, but also very easy to use. Read on to learn the difference between manually deleting a file or using another Mac uninstaller.

How can I manually uninstall VirtualBox on Mac OS X?

As you can see from the name, this process is done manually and manual methods are used to delete the files containing this accessory. Remove VirtualBox from Mac OS: Follow these steps:

  • Scroll to a folder named of Appendix.
  • Now click on the symbol indicating VirtualBox and hold it gently.
  • Then drag this icon to Trash and drop it there.
  • Go to the Recycle Bin, click the left mouse button and select the option Empty Recycle Bin.

Your trash can’s empty. Do you think your application has been withdrawn? Think hard. He’s just been kidnapped. The next step is to delete the help files. This step is crucial and requires a lot of effort and research. It can be very complicated and tiring, and you have to get used to it. Follow the instructions below to get rid of these accessory files.

Since these files have to be searched very carefully, there are folders where these extra files can be stored. Searching and filtering these folders can help you find these files. Here are some examples of where these files can be stored:

  • ~ Library/Recommendations/
  • ~ Library/Application support

Does that sound exhausting to you? Because I am. Removing VirtualBox on Mac OS X can be very annoying. Fortunately, there are more efficient and easier ways to get rid of these extra files, and that’s exactly what CleanMyMac X is for.

How to remove VirtualBox on Mac OS X with CleanMyMac X

Installing CleanMyMac X on Mac OS X Download the application and follow the steps in sequence:

  1. Download the CleanMyMac X application (free) and install it
  2. Search the menu on the left. Click on it and find the bookmark Uninstaller . Try to find the VirtualBox icon in the correct list of all applications you have.
    How to Uninstall / Remove VirtualBox from Mac OS
  3. Now select VirtualBox in the middle of the list of CleanMyMac X applications by clicking on the empty checkbox next to it.
  • How to Uninstall / Remove VirtualBox from Mac OS
  1. Then click the Uninstall button at the bottom of the CleanMyMac X window to completely uninstall VirtualBox.

We’re ready!

This will remove VirtualBox from your Mac OS X and its files.

CleanMyMac X is not only a very good choice if you want to get rid of a complete application with unwanted extra files, but it also cleans the cache and removes garbage files as well as old unused files. Isn’t that great? That’s for sure. And the best part is that it is absolutely reliable and the best among the competitors. You can take it safely as your favorite moving software.

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