Network discovery is a setting in Windows 10 that, when enabled, allows a computer to find and see other computers or devices on the same network, while other computers and devices on the same network can see the computer.

Network discovery and file sharing are two different situations, but they work together to achieve the same goal. If network detection was disabled, file sharing did not work even if it was enabled. For the network to function properly, it must be possible to share files and printers.

If you are still receiving error messages such as Network Discovery and File Sharing is disabled, computers and devices on the network are not visible, or similar network sharing issues, you can try to manually enable or disable Network Discovery and File Sharing settings in Windows 10.

To enable network discovery and file sharing on Windows 10

Manually enable or disable network detection and file sharing for different network profiles

  1. Use the Windows 10 search bar to find and access settings.
  2. Then select Network and Internet.
  3. In the Edit Network Settings section, click the Share Options button.

  1. In the Advanced Sharing Settings window, you can choose between two network profiles: personal or guest or public. Both options include network detection and file and printer sharing.
  2. To enable network discovery for a network profile, in the Network Discovery section, click Enable Network Discovery and select Enable automatic configuration of devices connected to the network.
  3. To enable file sharing for a profile, under File and Printer Sharing, click Enable File and Printer Sharing.

How to Turn On Network Discovery and File Sharing in Windows 10

  1. Click Save Changes to save the settings.

For the public network profile, should I enable network discovery or file sharing?

Pay attention: We do not recommend that you enable network search or file sharing for guest or public network profiles, as this may pose a security risk when you are connected to a public network, for example. B. in a coffee shop, airport, supermarket, public office, etc.

How to Turn On Network Discovery and File Sharing in Windows 10

If you are having trouble sharing files and have been asked to have your network discovered, you can try changing the network you are currently connected to from a public network profile to a private network profile, provided you trust the network. This is a better solution than allowing network discovery and file sharing for all public network profiles, because it also means that you allow discovery of computers on all other public networks.

The network detection and file sharing settings for the guest or public network profile are disabled by default in Windows 10. This makes sense because you don’t want anyone to be able to see your computer and access your files when you’re on a public network (especially if you have a laptop that regularly connects to public WiFi) where hundreds or thousands of other devices are connected at once.

To change your network profile in Windows 10 from Public to Private or vice versa

When you first connect to a new network, Windows usually asks you if you want to classify the network as private or public. You should only define the network as private if you trust it.

If you don’t know how the network profile your computer is currently connected to is configured, follow these steps to check the network in Windows 10 or to change it from a public profile to a private profile or vice versa.

First, tap the network icon in the notification area and then select the currently connected network.

How to Turn On Network Discovery and File Sharing in Windows 10

In the Network Settings window, under Ethernet, click Network again.

How to Turn On Network Discovery and File Sharing in Windows 10

On the next screen, under Network Profile, you can choose between a public profile and a personal profile for the network to which your PC is currently connected.

How to Turn On Network Discovery and File Sharing in Windows 10

Description to share : Can’t share files or are you having a similar file sharing problem on your network? Here’s how to enable network discovery and file sharing in Windows 10.

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