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How to Report On Discord

How to Report On Discord

Today we will present some methods because it is easy to talk to someone about . If you are interested in this article, please read on.

Disagreement is a messaging service designed specifically for players. It has many features, including the live game mode, no personal information, voice chat, emotions and many other useful functions for players. It can also be used as a normal chat room, even if you are not a player. Setting up your own server is also very easy and you can download or open the application via your web browser.

How to report properly on trust and safety issues

How to Report On Discord

In just a few years, it has become one of the most popular text and voice chat tools for games in the disputed area. This increase concerns sending unsolicited messages to crypts, hackers, scammers and other types of unwanted users. In addition, some users may also cross the line in a specific VoIP application, such as Discordance. What should I do if such an annoying user exceeds the limit and violates the server instructions? If the violation is significant, you can report the disagreement to these users and get rid of it.

How to report disputes to users

Steps should be taken to report that you are being harassed, deceased, teased, threatened or simply mistreated by people in a state of disagreement. It is also possible that the entire server is involved in malicious activities that violate community rules. In order to report users or servers in the spreader, they must have violated the Community manual. These guidelines are very clear and include the possibility to organize most events on stage. That’s what you can do when there’s a conflict.

Method 1: You can only report persons who violate Community rules.

How to Report On Discord

They do not want to make the mistake of indicating a person or a person who is in fact still within the limits of Community directives. It is not only a bad form, but also a form of persecution, and you will probably be punished. Types of activities and messages not tolerated by dissonance moderators

  • Trace
  • intellectual property infringement
  • Spam
  • spread the word
  • Transmitting images of cruelty in the mountains or to animals
  • Child pornography
  • Glorification or promotion of suicide or suicidal tendencies
  • Threat to another user

If you have received a message that you do not agree with or that is not on this list, it is best to talk to the server moderators first. This way they can become active, whether they talk to a user, send spam, kick or banish them from the server. You can disable or block a person because of spam or stress so that you cannot see their messages.

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If you want to report a message, you have to do so before you can delete it, because you need to extract some information from it. We know you don’t want to read/see the unwanted things you want to send, but look quickly for an identification. After a secure message you can delete the message.

Method 2: Message about a person who disagrees with a director.

How to Report On Discord

To start the chat process, the disk needs a link to the user ID, the message sent to that person and the server ID. Do not delete messages from people who report you, as they are required for verification.

If you are a channel manager, you should follow these steps:

  • To enable developer mode, go to Settings and Appearance.
  • Right-click on the user and select Copy ID for User ID.
  • Take him to a safe place.
  • Select the three dots to the right of the message you are posting, select the Copy link and paste it in a safe place.
  • Right-click on your server name in the channel list and select Copy ID.
  • Put it in a safe place, too.
  • Follow this link and add all the information needed to request a report.
  • The Confidence in Discord and Safety team will review and process your report.

Reporting is the last resort, but it is sometimes necessary for more toxic or tireless people on the server. As an administrator, you have access to other tools such as kicks and restrictions. As long as you have not deleted the messages you report, you can use them or create reports.

Method 3: Send your report to

How to Report On Discord

The last step is to send a report to a remittance via the Trusted and Secure Request Centre. Enter your email address, select a report type based on the drop-down list option closest to your situation, enter a subject and finally describe the event and the three identifiers in the Description field. Send a report and you’re ready to take care of the rest.

If you want to kick somebody in disco

If you want to remove someone from the Discord channel, you must be an administrator. Once you are an administrator, you can delete or remove a person from the channel. They can register, but only if you or someone with the appropriate rights allows it.

How to Report On Discord

  • Select the appropriate channel in the Appointments section.
  • Select a user from the user list.
  • Right click on your username and select Kick.
  • Select Kick again to confirm.

The kick option will contain the username to prevent errors. After a kick they are removed from the server and can only come back if you allow them to come back. Some users, with the exception of the administrator, have the right to dismiss this person. If you think this could happen, first add something to your environmental assessments under the conditions of your chain or talk to your users directly to prevent this from happening.

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If you ever send a wrong report about the behavior of a person who disagrees with it, it is considered a crime. As a result, you will suffer some punishment. In order to avoid such sanctions. Make sure you don’t give false information. Instead, look at the potential message several times and see if it really violates the terms of the disagreement. If you file an accidental report. Now get to work. That way they’ll feel like it’s a mistake.


The disagreement team will work quickly to clarify the report and get things back on track. If the request is correct, the report will be deleted within minutes. Here’s how to report someone who disagrees. If you have any problems in this area, please leave a comment. Good luck!



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