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How to Reinstall Android OS on your Phone using a PC – Try All Methods

How to Reinstall Android OS on your Phone using a PC – Try All Methods

Android is an operating system for mobile devices developed and implemented by the technical giant Google. By 2020, Android is expected to capture 85% of the entire smartphone email market. We already know that Android versions such as Lollipop, KitKat, Oreo and Jelly Bean are known by smartphone users all over the world. Android is a great platform, especially for mobile phone users, but sometimes there is something missing that is desired by default or in an updated version. For example, reinstalling the Android operating system can help you get what you want, depending on the support your device provides. Today I will show you all the methods to reinstall Android on your phone, even without professional help.

How to reinstall the Android OS on your phone withPC?

If your device does not work properly, you will need to make some necessary adjustments, and if nothing works, you will finally need to reinstall your operating system to make it work properly.

However, before you start reinstalling the operating system on your device, you need to back up your Android phone to your PC or SD card. You can also use Google ‘s cloud storage service to store backup files.

Now let’s talk about the different ways to bring the Android operating system back to your phone.

Method-1: Performing a hard reset

A hard reset restores the factory settings of your mobile phone. To perform this process, you must use a computer that deletes all data from the device.

What you need to do to perform a reset on your phone:

  1. PC with Windows / Linux / Mac operating system
  2. USB cable to connect your phone to a computer
  3. Downloading the Android ADB tools file

Now let’s see how to perform a hard reboot of the phone with a PC.

Step 1: Enable developer mode on Android

  • Open the phone settings

How to Reinstall Android OS on your Phone using a PC – Try All Methods

  • Go to the phone section and click on it.
  • Now select Device Info How to Reinstall Android OS on your Phone using a PC – Try All Methods Pop-up Bookmark
  • You can see your model number, Android version, hardware version, production number and other important information about your device. Here you have to click several times on the option Create number until a message appears. You’re a developer now!
  • Go back to the main menu of the settings and you will see this additional option Developer Options.

Step 2: Enable USB troubleshooting

  • Now go back to the settings of your mobile phone.
  • Open the Developer menu How to Reinstall Android OS on your Phone using a PC – Try All Methods
  • Go to the USB Debugging option in the Debugging section and enable it.

Step 3: Installation of Android SDK tools

Turn on your computer and download the correct drivers.

Step 4: Connect your mobile phone andyour PC.

Now connect your Android device to your computer with a USB cable. Make sure the Windows Device Manager recognizes your mobile device.

Step 5: Open Tool SDK

  • Open a command line on your computer.
  • Enter the location of the downloaded Android SDK tools as shown below

cd C:User\HemanginiAppDataLocal Android-sdk Platform Tools

How to Reinstall Android OS on your Phone using a PC – Try All Methods

  • Now restart the system and open it in recovery mode. Enter the following command

Reboot via adb

Turn off the Android phone and you can now uninstall the password or reset the factory defaults to reinstall the operating system.

Method 2: Tap ROM

The ROM is a modified version of the Android operating system. You can get the latest version of Android by getting a new ROM or an updated and clean version of the current operating system on your device. Let’s check the steps.

Step 1: Switch on charger

A lot of people say you don’t roll the phone when you blink the ROM. Running the Android device is another matter. We only manipulate the ROM to get a fresh, clear and user-friendly Android operating system. In reality, however, it is mainly the customized ROM that comes with root access to the phone, so you install your mobile device at the root when you configure the ROM.

How to Reinstall Android OS on your Phone using a PC – Try All Methods Chargers and custom recovery firmware can have different processes on different devices. It is recommended to search Google Unlock Loader under Your phone model number and then request a custom restore under Your phone model number. Then follow the instructions. Usually you will see the TWRP recovery tutorials.

When you have unlocked this bootloader and repaired the modified firmware, call root. This makes the next step easier for you.

Step 2: Back-up of important data

Once the user has restored the device, you will receive a backup copy of the applications, data and other files on your system. After this step you recover all data if you make a mistake when reinstalling the operating system.

  • Restart the device and enter recovery mode. Especially with the combination on/off button and the volume control at the same time, this is the task for any Android device.
  • In recovery mode, go to the Backup section and select the default settings (especially if you are doing this for the first time). You can also name the backup file when prompted. Click the Confirm button and start the backup.
  • You have to wait until the backup is ready.

If you have or can have a Nandroid backup on your phone, this is a good thing because it can back up the entire system, including the ROM.

Step 3: ROM download and sew

Open your PC browser and search for the best Android ROM for your Google phone. MIUI, Liquid Smooth ROMS and CyanogenMod are among the most popular ROMs. Now transfer the Zip file to your mobile phone via a USB connection to your computer. You can also download it directly to your Android device via WiFi connection.

It is now time for the ROM to blink: .

How to Reinstall Android OS on your Phone using a PC – Try All Methods

  1. Restart your Android device and enter recovery mode.
  2. Go to ZIP installation from the SD card or the installation.
  3. Select the path to the uploaded/downloaded zip file.
  4. Now wait until the flash memory process is complete.
  5. Delete the data on your phone when prompted.

When everything is ready, the phone is ready to restart with the NEW ROM.

Step 4: Installing Google Apps

You may know that Google Apps are not open source applications. So if you flash your Android ROM, you also need to download and reinstall Google Apps. If you follow the firmware ROM process in the above step, you can download and flash applications such as Google Play Store, Gmail, Hangout, YouTube and others.

Here we go. You have successfully reinstalled the operating system on your Android with your PC.


Resetting the operating system means that data and other parameters are deleted from the device. It is therefore advisable to back up important media files, documents, applications and personal settings to your SD card or computer using a USB cable.

I hope this manual will help you reinstall your phone’s operating system quickly and easily. If you know of another reliable method for this procedure, you can share it in the Responses section below.

SP: Trendy Android is not responsible for loss or damage to the digital or physical settings of the phone when using these methods. We always try to provide the best solutions for Android devices, but the results may vary per device and per person based on their knowledge.



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