Today, YouTube is the world’s most popular video streaming platform. Many people have access to this website because it contains a variety of content ranging from entertainment to school books. Accessing the website from your computer is very easy, all you need is a browser. Sometimes, although problems can arise when trying to access YouTube. In this last part of our series of articles on troubleshooting, we will look at the issue of errors related to audio playback on YouTube.

Before following the recommended troubleshooting steps for this particular problem, I recommend that you first try restarting your computer. This way you can update your operating system, remove damaged temporary data and solve most software problems quite efficiently.

When attempting to play a YouTube video, a audio printing error message may be displayed. Reboot the computer. There are several factors that can cause this problem, ranging from a problem in the audio driver to an error in updating the software. The following measures are recommended to solve this problem.

Starting the audio system troubleshooting program

Windows 10 has a handy tool that solves the most common sound problems. Try this instrument first, as it is quite effective in detecting and correcting sound problems.

  • Press the Windows + R button to open the Run dialog box.
  • Enter the parameters ms: Troubleshoot and press Enter.
  • On the Troubleshooting tab, scroll down to get up and press Play Audio.
  • Press Start troubleshooting program to open the utility.
  • Wait until the first phase of the investigation is completed.
  • Select the device on which the error occurs in the audio rendering. Reboot the computer. Error and press Next.
  • Wait until the utility scans the audio device for problems. If the problem is detected, a repair strategy is recommended. Follow the instructions on the screen (click Yes, apply correction or Yes, open *menu) and follow the recommendations.
  • Reboot the computer to .

Check if there is still a problem with the YouTube audio rendering.

Disconnect the earphones from the power supply.

Another way to solve this problem is to unplug the headphones from the network and reconnect them. This may solve the problem if it is caused by a malfunction in the operating system that does not automatically detect that the earphone is connected to the audio jack or USB port.

Disconnect and reactivate theaudio drivers.

Sometimes a problem in the computer’s audio drivers can cause this problem. In order to check whether he is guilty, you must switch these drivers off and on again.

  • Press the Windows + R button to open the Run dialog box.
  • Enter devmgmt.msc and press Enter to open the Device Manager.
  • In the Device Manager, you can expand the Sound, Video and Game Controllers menu.
  • Disconnect all audio adapters by right-clicking and selecting Disconnect Device .
  • Once all audio adapters in the Sound, Video and Game Controllers section have been turned off, wait a few seconds before reactivating them by right-clicking and selecting Device .

Check if there is still a problem with the YouTube audio rendering.

Removing audio drivers

If your computer’s audio driver is damaged, the problem may occur. To fix this, you need to uninstall the driver and then install the latest version.

  • Press the Windows + R button to open the Run dialog box. Then enter devmgmt.msc and press Enterr to open the Device Manager.
  • Expand the drop-down menu of the sound, video and game controllers and double-click on the audio adapter.
  • Go to the Driver tab in the audio adapter properties and click Remove Device.
  • Reboot the computer to .
  • Windows automatically installs the latest available version of the audio adapter.

Check if there is still a problem with the YouTube audio rendering.



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