The Internet has become one of the most important tools that help us to collect information. For example, it is easy for students to carry out tasks, get ideas for school projects and much more. In short, the Internet is an unlimited source of information. However, many Windows 10 users have problems connecting to the Internet, and some experience frequent disconnections. This problem occurs if you are connected to a network but cannot get an Internet connection or if the signal is steadily decreasing. This problem has several causes, and it may occur due to bad Ethernet cable, modem problems, service provider problems, hardware problems, etc..

This is the topic I will cover in this post to provide answers to all users concerned. We recommend that you read the message in more detail so that you have an idea of the problem and its solution. The Ethernet connection problem is one of the most difficult to solve and you will need to perform some troubleshooting procedures to reduce the problem before you can identify the culprit. For beginners, the procedures we recommend here are simplified and easy to follow to avoid additional problems.

Windows 10 PC owners can visit our Windows 10 Troubleshooting page if you need help, as we’ve already covered other issues. You can try to find similar problems that occur on your PC and follow the steps provided. If you need further help, you can contact us by filling out our Windows 10 questionnaire and giving us detailed information about the problem, after which we will contact you.

Troubleshooting Ethernet connection issues in Windows 10

As I said before, we need to apply certain procedures to reduce the problems and identify the perpetrator. You have to start with the most elementary procedures and then move on to easily complicated procedures.

Step 1: Tick all boxes outside.

This is the most elementary procedure we have to follow. Sometimes many PC owners skip a moment without checking all connections with problems and end up paying high repair costs for a simple connection problem. Since this is the Internet, we recommend that you check the Ethernet cable immediately to see if it is connected to the modem on the back of your computer. If it is loose, try a simple disconnection/connection procedure to make sure it is properly connected. Do the same with your modem. Don’t forget that the Ethernet cable is usually painted grey or blue and runs from the modem to the computer.

Step 2: Switching connections and rebooting the modem

Once you have checked the cable and a connection problem has occurred, try connecting the Ethernet cable to a different port on the modem. Changing the IP address can solve the problem, there is no clear explanation for the procedure, but usually, if I have a connection problem, I just reinstall it on other ports and the problem is solved. We hope that we have the same problem and then have to fix it and reboot the modem. When you restart the modem, all you have to do is unplug it and reconnect it within 30 seconds.

Step 3: Temporary shutdown of an antivirus or firewall

Now that security programs are an important tool to protect our PCs against viruses and malware, it is essential to shut them down. Sometimes this program prevents you from accessing the Internet, even though you have gone to a lot of trouble and still haven’t solved the problem. An example of an antivirus program is Avast. This program is strict enough to protect your PC from damage, but sometimes it is too strict to minimize your access and work. Even some programs can be marked as malicious for this program, and you can’t access it anymore, it contains browsers like Chrome or IE.

Whatever antivirus program you have, we recommend that you temporarily disable it and reactivate it if the problem persists. The antivirus program mainly has an icon in the taskbar. You can simply double click and navigate through the settings and temporarily disable them.

To disable the firewall: 1 :

  1. Click on the Start menu on the taskbar.
  2. Enter Windows Firewall in the search field.
  3. Click Enable or disable the WindowsFirewall.
  4. Disable the Windows firewall.
  5. Press OK to confirm.
  6. Go back to your desk and try to use the Internet.

Step 4: Clear story

If you use your browser regularly and never delete your browsing history, this could be a problem.  Regardless of the browser you use (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.) , you can easily access the settings and delete the history. Here’s the thing:

  1. For Google Chrome
  • Open the Chrome browser
  • Press Settings
  • press Display additional parameters
  • Press Delete browser data
  • Check all the information you want to delete. Choose carefully and understand each function.
  • At Promise the following from, press the down arrow to select from the last hour, the last day, the last week, the last 4 weeks and the beginning of the period. In this case we recommend Start time to delete all historical data.
  • Press to clear the data inview.
  • Close Chrombrowser .
  1. For Internet Explorer
  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Click Tools in the upper right corner between the Security and Help icons.
  • Make sure you are under the bookmark General , otherwise all you have to do is click on it.
  • In section Show Historyyou have two options Delete and Settings. To delete all data directly from history, press Delete. If you want to have your own settings, press Settings to configure. Here you can select or delete the history each time you close your browser, set the storage capacity of the history (e.g. 100MB) to , or select and delete the number of days of storage when the storage period expires.
  • Press OK to confirm.
  • Go back to your office and see if the problem is solved.
  1. For the Operabrowser
  • Open browser Opera
  • Press Settings
  • Press Privacy and security links
  • Make sure you are on the Privacy tab, and then tap Clear History.
  • Select one of the options Delete and the duration of the deletion (e.g. last hour, last week, etc.)
  • Go back to your office and see if the problem is solved.
  1. For Firefox browser
  • Open browser Firefox
  • Press the button (three horizontal lines in the upper right corner).
  • Press History
  • Press Recent History to view a full list of websites you have visited.
  • You can choose to delete one or more.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow to specify the period to be deleted.
  • Now press Delete to start the process.
  • Go back to your desk and try surfing the web, the problem is solved.

Step 5: Make sure Ethernet or theupdate adapter is turned on.

For certain reasons, the Ethernet adapter may not turn on automatically after an update and you may not be able to connect to the Internet. This rarely happens, but it’s worth trying to check if it’s on, just in case. Proceed as follows to check:

  1. Click on the Start menu on the taskbar.
  2. Right-click This PC on the left panel
  3. Press Control
  4. Press Device management
  5. Click the down arrow for network adapters.
  6. Right-click on the name of yournetwork adapter. If there is a Activateoption, click on this option to activate it.
  7. Go back to your desk and see the progress.

If the problem occurs, you can always try to update the driver. In most cases, an outdated driver can cause a problem or the connection can be unstable, and an update can solve this problem.

  1. From Device Manager.
  2. Click on the drop-down list to expand the network adapters.
  3. Press Update Update device software to check the latest version. If this is not possible, use another work PC to boot the same network adapter and use the USB port to save it and run it on your PC to install the update manually.
  4. Go back to your office to see the progress.

Step 6: Call your service provider

If you do not have a problem connecting the Ethernet cable from your PC to the modem, but you do not have access to the Internet, we recommend that you call your mobile operator. Regardless of the type of service provider you are dealing with, as long as there is a problem with their services, you must inform them. They sometimes interrupt their Internet connection when their system is updated or upgraded, and most often when they intend to do so without prior notice. It’s best to ask them in person.

However, for people with a limited monthly plan, we recommend that you check the data distribution to see if your service is delayed. If this is the case, your connection is good, but your service is slow or limited. If you have sufficient credit, you can request that disputes about the service be resolved.

Step 7: Calling the technical service or going to a service centre

If all procedures have not solved the problem, you can call the technician and check or deliver your computer to the nearest service center. If the problem lies with the hardware, all these procedures are useless anyway, because the possible solution is to replace the defective parts.

You’ve done almost all the procedures necessary to limit the questions, I hope this has been useful to you.

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