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How to enter the Delta symbol (Δ) in Word / Excel

How to enter the Delta symbol (Δ) in Word / Excel

How to enter the Delta symbol (Δ) in Word / Excel

Use the button below to copy and paste the delta symbol into your work:


However, if you want to enter this character on your keyboard, you must continue to read.

Quick help for inserting the delta mark in the word

The following table shows the symbol Delta , which can be copied and pasted into a Word or Excel document. It also contains the alt code and the key combination.

Name Delta
Delta symbol in capital letters Δ
Delta shell symbol δ
Capital delta code 30
Delta Alt Alpha code 235
Brief description (Word) 0394, Alt+X
Brief description (Mac) Option+J

To enter a delta character (Δ) in a word using the key combination, first type the code Alt (0394), select this code and then press Alt+X to convert the code to a delta character.

The table above contains everything you need to insert this symbol into your Word document.

However, if you are not satisfied with this quick help, you will find detailed instructions below for entering Delta or any other character in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. The uppercase character for delta is Δ , the lowercase character is δ.

Some characters are easily accessible as second keys on the keyboard. By pressing several keys at once, you can easily insert these characters into your work.

However, other characters cannot be entered so easily on the keyboard. One of these symbols is the delta symbol (Δ)

Printing becomes a burden for the writer if he regularly has to include some of these characters in his work.

But it doesn’t have to be that hard. Especially now that you’re reading this manual.

Enter the delta symbol in Word/Excel.

In this section I have shown you all the simple ways to insert a delta symbol (Δ) in Word.

NOTE : I will demonstrate the use of the symbol with capital letters Delta (Δ). However, the same method can also be used to insert another character, including the delta character of the string (δ).

The following paragraphs describe the different ways of inserting a delta symbol in Word.

Delta Code Alt Symbol (Windows only)

Each character in Word has a unique code that you can use to insert a character into your document. This code is commonly known as the Alt code.

The alto code for the delta symbol is 235 for lowercase delta and 30 for uppercase delta. To enter this character with the alphabetic code, press and hold the Alt key while entering the alphabetic code with the numeric keypad, then release the Alt key.

In addition to using the Alt algorithm, you can also use the Unicode delta symbol to insert it into Microsoft Word. The Unicode method only works for Word.

The Unicode delta symbol is 0394.

Below are the steps to enter a delta character on your keyboard (using Unicode):

  • Place the cursor where you want to insert the symbol.
  • Enter the alt code (0394).
  • Then press Alt+X to convert the code to delta characters.

It’s as simple as that.

How to enter the Delta symbol (Δ) in Word / Excel

As soon as you press Alt+X after entering the code , Word converts these numbers into a delta symbol.

Delta icon for Mac

For Mac users, the easiest way to insert the delta symbol into MS Word is to use a hotkey.

The reduction of the delta symbol for Mac is Option+J. To use this key combination, press and hold the Option key while pressing the J key once on the keyboard.

How to enter the Delta symbol (Δ) in Word / Excel

Copy and paste the Delta symbol

Pasting characters into a document can be a simple copy and paste operation.

You can copy and paste it if you have already inserted it into a document. You can also copy them from another place, such as a web page. It works everywhere, even in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or even in a browser such as Google Docs.

Below you can see the delta symbol if you want to copy and paste it into your work:


To copy and paste the delta symbol, press the button at the top. You can also select the character printed above and press Ctrl+C to copy it. Go to the desired position and press Ctrl+V to insert.

Using thedialog to insert characters

This approach is not as simple as previous methods. But it’s very simple.

And once you have inserted a symbol into a document, you can copy and paste it at any time.

The following section describes the steps for inserting a delta sign in Word using the Insert Symbol dialog box. The same procedure can be used for Excel and PowerPoint.

  • On the tab, place , press the Symbol button and select More Symbols…

How to enter the Delta symbol (Δ) in Word / Excel

These few clicks lead to the dialog box with the symbols. Now it’s time to search for the symbol you want to insert.

  • Find the symbol.

To easily find the delta symbol in the symbol dialog box, look at the bottom right of the symbol dialog box and choose Unicode (hex) from the drop-down list : . . Then look again at the top right corner of the dialog box and select : . Greek and Coptic from selection list : .

This will filter all Greek characters , including Delta you want to insert.

How to enter the Delta symbol (Δ) in Word / Excel

  • Select a symbol and choose Insert.

How to enter the Delta symbol (Δ) in Word / Excel

You can also simply double-click the icon to insert it into your document.

  • After inserting, close the Symbols dialog box.

For example, you can insert a delta character into Word using the Insert character dialog box.

Using Word AutoCorrect to enter the delta symbol

Another way to get a delta symbol is to use the AutoCorrect function in Word.

This tool is designed to correct misspellings such as tsi to this.

This function allows you to assign a short code to the symbol Delta (e.g. DELTASYM).

So, if you type DELTASYM, Word will think you really wanted to type Δ , and it will automatically convert to delta symbol .

How to enter the Delta symbol (Δ) in Word / Excel

This approach is interesting because you can assign any code you want to the symbol, and Word will gladly provide you with the symbol when you enter it.

Here are some simple steps you can use to enter delta characters in Word with AutoCorrect.

  • On the Insert tab, tap Symbol and then tap More Symbols….

A dialog appears with the symbol and .

How to enter the Delta symbol (Δ) in Word / Excel

  • Locate the Deltasymbol and press to select it.
  • Press the AutoCorrection button . button to display the AutoCorrect dialog box.

How to enter the Delta symbol (Δ) in Word / Excel

Enter the following in the automatic correction dialog box:

  • Replace it: DELTASIM
  • С : Δ

How to enter the Delta symbol (Δ) in Word / Excel

  • Press Add, then press OK.

Word automatically adds a delta symbol to your document every time you type DELTASYM.

However, there are a few things to consider when using the AutoCorrect method to insert a delta character.

  • The AutoCorrect function is case sensitive. In other words, if you enter DeltaSim (lower case), Word will not convert it to DeltaSim unless you enter DELTASYM (upper case).
  • If there is text before or after autocorrect, Word reads the autocorrect as part of the text and does not convert it into a delta symbol. For example, XDELTASYM is not converted and X DELTASYM is converted to X Δ

Use of character sets

There is a font called Symbol in Microsoft’s font list.

This script consists of the total absence of attributes of the Greek alphabet and a set of common mathematical symbols.

If you press this font in the English alphabet, they will be converted to the Greek alphabet.

Since the delta symbol is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, the entry of the fourth letter (D) of the English alphabet gives the delta symbol.

D (English) = Delta (Δ) (Greek)

This means that if you select a character set and apply it to the letter D, it will be converted into a delta character.

How to enter the Delta symbol (Δ) in Word / Excel

NOTE : You should only consider using the character set to insert the delta character when you are preparing your document for printing. Do not use this method if it is intended to be published on the Internet or copied and pasted into another document or software. When inserting, it may not recognize the character set and may insert the letter D instead of Δ (delta character).

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