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If you’re here because you’re a music fan, a movie lover, or maybe you just want the sound to be better, well, whatever the reason, you want to customize your Windows 10 EQ.

With EQ, you can have much more influence on the sound you get. Gives you full control over your soundboard to ensure the best possible sound quality for every type of sound.

We all know how fickle sound settings can be, especially when it comes to media like music and video games. Basically any form of media that has multiple layers of audio information.

If only one of these layers does not follow the rest of the sound, the whole sound process collapses.

This usually ends with the fact that you can’t enjoy what you’ve seen.

But don’t worry, after installing Windows 10 EQ, your audio experience will be much smoother. You have direct control over the sound you receive, and believe us, that can make all the difference.

No more dialog boxes buried under the background noise band or vice versa. With this simple guide, all your audio problems are solved instantly.

How do I set the sound equivalent in Windows 10?

The EQ setting for Windows 10 can change the sound completely. Of course, you can’t really produce a good sound if the quality is poor in the beginning. With EQ, however, you can make sure that the sound gets to the right place, and that it’s much more enjoyable.

The installation of the window comparator can be as simple as 1,2,3. Just follow a few important steps, like B. Make sure all your drivers are up to date and choose the best equalizer for your needs. So, how exactly do you download Windows 10 EQ?

First of all, make sure all your audio/speaker equipment is up to date. You will then want to download several selected language map programs.

This includes software such as Realtek, FXSound and APO EQ. Just plug in your soundboard and you’re done.

Driver update:

This is probably the easiest step in the simple process of downloading and installing Windows 10 EQ. That is to say, it is extremely important and if this step is not taken, there will be many problems afterwards.

To make things as smooth as possible, we mention two alternative methods.

Manual method

Before you start this step, you should keep in mind that Windows 10 automatically updates its drivers from time to time. However, if you want to make sure you have all the latest drivers installed, follow these simple steps:

01. First search for Device Manager in the Start search bar.

02. As soon as the Device Manager option appears, open it by clicking on it once.

03. In the Device Manager section, look for the audio inputs and outputs.

04. Click once and find the output device you want to use with EQ in Windows 10 (in our case, we used our device’s built-in speakers).

05 Continue with a right-click on the specified device and select Update Driver from the menu that appears.

How to Add Sound Equalizer for Windows 10 in Few Steps (2021)

However, Windows sometimes does not recognize that a new driver is available for the specified device. In this case, you may need to go directly to the company’s website and download the driver manually.

This brings us to our next method.

Use of software that automatically updates drivers:

If you want to save yourself the trouble of manually updating the driver, we recommend this alternative method.

Of course, there are a few more steps, but when you’re done, you can start the device update program in a few minutes. Allows use long after the Windows 10 audio equalizer is installed.

We recommend the Avast drivers. This is a very safe rate for a service. Avast not only detects outdated drivers, but also sends you an easy-to-understand list. You can then select the drivers you want to update, and the service will take care of the rest.

How to Add Sound Equalizer for Windows 10 in Few Steps (2021)

If you still don’t want to use the avast update software, don’t worry, there are many other programs available. Like. B. DriverBooster, DriverTalent, etc.

Device selection and installation

The next step is to install an equalizer compatible with Windows 10. It’s pretty simple, isn’t it?

At the moment there are several soundboards that are not only compatible with Windows 10, but also have excellent performance and a high level of satisfaction. Choosing an equalizer for Windows 10 can be a little daunting, especially if you have no idea where to start.

Luckily, we’ve put together our four most important solutions for you and we’ll show you how to download and use them.

Realtek Audio HD Equalizer Windows 10

How to Add Sound Equalizer for Windows 10 in Few Steps (2021)

It is not for nothing that some desktops are pre-installed with Realtek EQ for Windows 10. The Realtek HD Audio Manager is one of the most reliable and efficient equalizers on the market.

Of course, the Realtek EQ interface of Windows 10 is not as attractive as some of the others in this list. But its appeal lies in its simplicity.

Realtek is known for its familiarity and simplicity. So much so that most new users know how to use it almost intuitively. There are no additional functions in the program to discourage users who are just starting to use equalizers.

The application comes with various presets suitable for most users looking for an equalizer for their Windows 10.

So if you’re new to the world of EQ and a little intimidated by the use of EQ, look no further. It’s an equalizer for you.

To install:

01. Start downloading the Realtek Audio Manager here. If you have already installed it, go to the next step.

02. Make sure the Realtek Audio Manager is turned on. Sometimes Realtek will disconnect your desktop, especially if it comes with a pre-installed service. Open the taskbar to locate and activate the application.

03. Finally, open EQ by searching the taskbar for its icon.

04. To access the EQ function, open the Sound Effects tab and use the new EQ in Windows 10.

How to Add Sound Equalizer for Windows 10 in Few Steps (2021) Credits : Window | Graphic equalizer and preset equalizer report

PRO Tow truck

On the contrary, you may have much more experience with EQs in general and may not be completely satisfied with Realtek’s minimal capabilities.

If so, Equalizer Pro is the right choice for all your Windows 10 needs.

How to Add Sound Equalizer for Windows 10 in Few Steps (2021)

Equalizer Pro is amazing software filled to the brim with amazing features and capabilities. The software comes with 20 presets, which is usually enough to meet the needs of most users.

However, if you want to further customize the sound, you can create and save various custom presets. This is facilitated by the fact that you have specific audio presets for each type of media (music, sound, etc.).

Instead of having to manually adjust the equalization control each time, simply load the desired preset and do whatever you want.

It also offers a system-wide bass boost and has a surprisingly user-friendly interface. Compared to Realtek, it not only offers less space, but also more ease of use.

Plus, Realtek’s sleek design means your desktop processor doesn’t have to worry about it getting in the way of your other execution services.

However, the only drawback of this equalizer for Windows 10 is that it only comes with a 10-band equalizer, which is slightly smaller than some of the others we will recommend in this list.

To install:

01. Start by downloading the official EqualizerPro application from the website.

02. Download the application and start the installation with administrator rights.

03. Start the application and that’s it!


However, if you prefer not to pay, but rather enjoy great services and a few extra options, why not try upgrading Viper4Windows to Windows 10 EQ? Viper4Windows is open source software, which means it is completely free.

Viper4Windows is made by audio lovers for audio lovers. So it is filled with unnecessary functions. Suitable for those who want to interfere a little more with received audio signals.

How to Add Sound Equalizer for Windows 10 in Few Steps (2021)

First of all, Viper4Windows has an extraordinary 18 channels, which is impressive considering that it is freely available open source software. The bands themselves range from -120 dB to 13 dB.

In addition, as with EqualizerPro, you have the possibility to create or load an audio profile from a preset.

In addition, this equalization service for Windows 10 has many other features that can greatly improve your sound.


Room size: You can set the size of the room you are listening to and Viper4Windows adjusts the surround sound settings accordingly.

Bass Boost: The application offers an additional customizable bass amplifier.

Warp control: You can choose from three presets or use the slider to adjust the control in decibels.

Reverb settings : Viper4Windows provides parameters to control silence, density, bandwidth, damping and much more.

The only disadvantage of this equalizer for Windows 10 is that it is somewhat similar to the old software. This means it may behave badly or even stop working on your Windows 10 desktop.

However, this problem can be solved in a few simple steps.

How to Add Sound Equalizer for Windows 10 in Few Steps (2021)

To install:

01. Start by downloading the official Viper4Windows configuration, which you can find here.

03. First install ViPER4Windows. Right-click V4W_Setup.exe, select Run as Administrator.

02. To make sure this device runs under Windows 10, you can also download the Windows 10 configuration file, which you can find here. Unpack this file.

04. Execute the v4w-patcher.bat file found in the unzipped file.

05. Reboot your computer and enjoy the new Windows 10 EQ.

Whether it’s movies, music, video games or all of the above. Whatever the reason you need an equalizer for your device, we hope this guide will help you get the best sound you deserve.

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