Development issue/problem:

I have several applications in the Google Play store and I use the total number of installations as part of my growth plan.
However, since the sixteenth century July 2018 I no longer see the total installations in my console. Only the active parameters are displayed.

Did Google just remove one of the most important numbers from the game shop?

How else can I get these statistics? Can I get it on another screen or maybe via an API call?

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

Like the 13th. In January 2020 you can still see the total number of downloads.

  1. From the Google Game Console, go to the Statistics page.
  2. Then go to Users -> User Recruitment -> New users
  3. Select the metric calculation as cumulative
    Google Play store, Can no longer see Total Installs – .

Solution 2:

Unfortunately the Total user installation measurement was removed some time ago from the statistics page of the Google game console.

However, there is a fairly simple way to obtain the total number of installations (it’s a bit annoying, it’s true). You can export a report that contains your messages per month during the life of the application, and add it all together to get the total.

  • In the sidebar, go to the Statistics section for your request.
  • Create a new report that reads your metrics from the first list of installed users.
  • Change the interval to monthly and set the date range to lifetime.
  • Export the report as a CSV file, open it in a spreadsheet and count all your downloads.

I wrote a blog post about it here.

But I think the best way is to write a tool that is programmed to extract all your reports from Google Cloud Buckets so you can just click on 1 and create all the reports you need. I’ll tell you how I built mine here, if you want to see it.

Solution 3:

The Android application on the Play Store console shows (again) a generic installation.

Select your application, press VIEW DETAILS on the Installations by User folder, select Lifetime on the timeline dial.

Solution 4:

Looks like it’s possible again now. Your application dashboard has a section titled How are your key performance indicators met?

This section contains a graph of new gained and lost users (if this view is enabled), which also shows the total. Total for the period, but this can be changed via partitions – if you set Lifetime, the total number of users won and lost is displayed here.

Note that there is a difference between acquired/lost users and configuration/removal events. Tick the question mark next to the wage types to get the definition of acquired/lost users.

I hope the picture below shows what I mean. Unfortunately I had to hide the actual data, but I hope it still makes sense.

Google Play store, Can no longer see Total Installs –

Solution No 5:

It seems to have been removed from the homepage for some reason, but at this point you can still see the complete installation.

  1. Open the toolbar of the game console of your application. The first map you see is Installations per user, which we need. Click on Exploration Report.

Google Play store, Can no longer see Total Installs –

  1. Click on the date picker on the right and select Lifetime.

Google Play store, Can no longer see Total Installs –

You can now see the complete installations per user as well as some additional statistics.

Solution No 6:

After I contacted Google, they said it had been removed to restructure the statistics of the app store as a whole.

I focus on the growth of the user, and this was/is an important measure for me.

Today they destroyed Active’s facility. All my applications show 1

Google, what are you doing?
I advise them to collect the user feedback before they delete features (Agile) and test the changes they have made in production.

Solution No 7:

You can easily retrieve this song via the Android application on the Google Play console:

  • Choose your application
  • Select the user’s first acquisition card
  • Choose the launch of the application.

And you can see the whole thing right here:

Google Play store, Can no longer see Total Installs –

Solution No 8:

I also noticed that the Google Play shop only shows active installations.

Good luck!

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