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Choosing the right iPad for your needs and work habits can be difficult, especially when it comes to choosing the right amount of storage for your files, apps and usage patterns. There are many storage options, including 32GB or so-called entry-level storage. But is this option enough for your iPad? That is the question we want to answer in today’s article.

How do I check the memory of my iPad?

  1. First start the program Settings;
  2. Search and click on General ;
  3. Continue selecting ”Storage iPad”;
  4. You should be able to see the total amount of storage you have and the amount you have already used.

Don’t forget to check your application list. By uninstalling or uninstalling certain programs that are no longer usable, you can easily free up storage space without having to upgrade your Apple device.

How do you store your files? (Offline or in the clouds?)

The next step to find out if 32 GB is enough for your daily needs is to see how you are used to storing your data and files. If you are an active offline user, pay close attention to what you download and how much storage space a particular file takes up. However, if you prefer to stay connected to Apple’s iCloud or Google Drive at all times, you can easily accomplish this task. For large offline users (at least) 64 GB can be offered. You can also choose the 128GB version to make your iPad run smoothly.

Do you prefer to broadcast or store movies and music?

Let’s analyze your film and music streaming habits. If you are used to staying connected and using streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix, 32 GB is an acceptable choice. For lovers of offline entertainment, the 32 GB is filled in in no time. If you are planning a trip, the number of movies you can download to your device is limited. The best option would be to choose between 64GB and 128GB. If you are not offline, 32 GB and a few streaming applications are sufficient. Netflix is only 73.7 MB, so it doesn’t take up a lot of storage space. Spotify is 151 megabyte. If you’re travelling and don’t have Internet access, you can download movies to your iPad. The high resolution video file will be about 800 MB to 1 GB in size.

Can I increase the storage capacity of my iPad?

Unfortunately, if at some point you notice that the storage capacity of your iPad is almost full, there’s no way to add memory to the device itself. You can delete some unused applications or manage your memory. This does not mean that there are no other options. You can sign up for a cloud computing service. Did you know that every Apple ID comes with 15GB of free storage? This allows you to upload files directly to the iCloud and re-upload them if necessary.

If you usually work offline, the iCloud service may not be the best choice for you. In this case, check that your Apple device supports the use of external hard drives. This particular option may not be very practical, but it allows you to keep your files and other media safe. What if the above two options do not meet your needs? Upgrading to a new Apple model may be the only wise choice.

32GB, good value for money ?

This specific storage capacity is generally good for children and teenagers who only need a few applications and other entry-level models and games to get by. Although the free 15GB that comes with your Apple ID card is a significant benefit.

Overall, the 32GB iPad is very attractive for novice Apple buyers, given its relatively low price. But will that be enough? That’s a question for you – if you want to take charge of yourself, download games, record videos, download movies to your device, I would say no. 32 gigabytes won’t be enough. If you’re streaming your device – Netflix, Amazon Prime, Amazon Kids+, Spotify, YouTube, 32GB is enough, if for some reason you don’t have enough space – manage the storage, remove a few applications and if that’s still not enough, add extra iCloud storage to your device.

Is the 32GB iPad enough for the university?

32 gigabytes for a school newspaper is a lot. If you use cloud services such as Google Drive, Spreadsheet, Google Docs, etc., you should be able to use them. These services do not take up storage space on your device, they are in the cloud. They have access to it online. Notes and playback applications don’t take up a lot of space on your device. You can also enjoy entertainment on your device. However, if you are taking pictures, we recommend the 128 GB model. Photos, videos, and image and video editing applications fill your storage space in no time.


Compared to other types of storage, the 32GB model is one of Apple’s cheapest iPad models. As a rule, these devices are filled without your knowledge! While the 64 gigabyte version is generally the best choice, the 128 gigabyte version is probably the most popular storage model. However, if you don’t want to exceed your budget and want to limit yourself to the most basic iPad features, a 32GB storage size is perfect. Just be aware that frequent integration with Apple’s iCloud services is required.

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