[7 Ways] Fix “Unfortunately, WhatsApp Has Stopped” On Android

Your WhatsApp is stuck on an error. Unfortunately, WhatsApp has been arrested.

Do you have any idea why this is happening and how to get rid of it?

Don’t worry, just follow this blog in its entirety and know the best ways to solve problems. Unfortunately, WhatsApp is no longer available on Android.

WhatsApp is used daily by millions of people around the world. It is one of the most popular instant messaging platforms, allowing users to send and receive messages, send videos, gifts, photos, audio and much more.

In fact, it has become so popular that people can’t even live a second of life without it. This is the best way to get in touch with friends, colleagues and family. WhatsApp is already installed in the phones themselves.

But repeatedly this application starts to show unwanted and unexpected errors that users never think of. Yes, several users reported receiving an error message. Unfortunately, WhatsApp has been arrested.

This is a very important issue, and users should be concerned about it. So read this blog carefully, because since I’m here you know why this error occurs and how to fix it, unfortunately WhatsApp has been discontinued.

Android System Recovery

[7 Ways] Fix “Unfortunately, WhatsApp Has Stopped” On Android Now you can easily fix any errors or problems on Android phones or tablets. It’s easy to fix some bugs on Android without too much effort.

What do you mean WhatsApp has been arrested?

This error is not very common, but when users notice it, they start thinking about what to do and what not to do. Even some users have received an error to which WhatsApp does not respond, which means the same as before.

[7 Ways] Fix “Unfortunately, WhatsApp Has Stopped” On Android

This simply means that something undesirable has happened and WhatsApp has terminated or interrupted the application as usual.

So you have to look ahead and some of the solutions mentioned in this blog, which will help you to easily correct the Whatsapp error.

How did WhatsApp unfortunately stop to fix it?

You often come across them every time you try to use them. This is especially visible when a new update is released. When users try to open an application, it just crashes. Even if you click on a defective or incompatible function of the device, you can still see such an error.

After a thorough analysis of the issue, I have therefore come up with a few simple solutions that will help to solve the problem. Unfortunately, WhatsApp still runs on Android.

Decision 1: Restart the phone at

The very first method I recommend is to reboot the phone once. This will allow your device to work properly and solve the problem that has occurred.

[7 Ways] Fix “Unfortunately, WhatsApp Has Stopped” On Android

The reboot is so powerful that it can easily solve a few small phone problems. It is therefore recommended to restart the device once before using other methods and check that the problem has been solved.

Decision 2: Clear WhatsApp Cache and Data

Many unwanted files are stored permanently while you are using the application. In this situation, WhatsApp cannot work.

Therefore, you need to clear the cache and application data to make everything work properly.

  • First go to Settings, then go to Applications and click on it.
  • Click on the request manager and you will see the option All.
  • Keep going down until you find WhatsApp. > Then click on it.
  • Here you can see both the Clear Data and the Clear Cache.

[7 Ways] Fix “Unfortunately, WhatsApp Has Stopped” On Android

  • Click the Clear Cache option, then restart the phone and see if the problem is solved. If the problem persists, follow the same steps and click Delete Data this time.

Decision 3: Searching for updates

As indicated above, the problem mainly occurs after the application update. So the question is not only for you, but also for some others. However, if such things happen, the WhatsApp team will re-release the next update to resolve the issue.

So now go to the Google Store and see if there is an update available.

  • First go to the Google Play Store on your phone.
  • You must click here on My Applications and Games.

[7 Ways] Fix “Unfortunately, WhatsApp Has Stopped” On Android

  • You will see your request and, if available, the update option.
  • Select the update option and now check if the error has been corrected.

Decision 4: Uninstalling and ReinstallingWhatsApp

If the above solution does not work, uninstall the application and reinstall it on your phone. Maybe this process works for you.

  • Go to Settings > Applications > Application Management.
  • Now find the application under Everything and click on WhatsApp.
  • Click on Uninstall and remove the application after a number of confirmations.

[7 Ways] Fix “Unfortunately, WhatsApp Has Stopped” On Android

  • Now restart the device.
  • Then go to the Google Play Store and search for WhatsApp at > click the Install option.

[7 Ways] Fix “Unfortunately, WhatsApp Has Stopped” On Android

  • If the application has been installed correctly, the error has been fixed.

Decision 5: Installing WhatsApp Beta Version

Many users use the WhatsApp beta on their phone and if this happens, remove it immediately and download any stable version. In fact, the beta versions are not final, so there is a chance to see these error messages.

But if you encounter the same problem in the stable release, try porting the beta to see if the same problem is fixed in the next release or not.

[7 Ways] Fix “Unfortunately, WhatsApp Has Stopped” On Android

To continue, you must go to WhatsApp.com to install the beta by downloading the MOT file.

Decision 6: Resetting your phone back to factory settings

If you have tried all of the above methods and the same error still occurs, there is one last option, which is to reset the default values. But don’t forget to back up all your phone’s data, so you won’t lose anything when you set your phone to factory settings.

Now perform the following steps to reset your device to factory defaults:

  • Start by checking your phone’s settings.
  • Then search and open Backup and Reset
  • You must click on the factory reset data at this location.

[7 Ways] Fix “Unfortunately, WhatsApp Has Stopped” On Android

  • Finally, confirm it and the process continues.
  • Now restart the device and use the WhatsApp application. This time you have no errors on your phone and your application runs flawlessly.

Decision 7: Best way to fix WhatsApp on Android

In addition to all the above solutions, I guarantee you that you will easily correct the error with the Android repair software. It is an efficient professional tool that repairs the Android bug without any other problem. It is easy to use and is recommended by many software experts. Not only does it help you solve the problem that unfortunately stopped WhatsApp, but it also works effectively in other areas.

So, without wasting time, just download Android Repair and repair, unfortunately WhatsApp has stopped using the Samsung phone.


Although the Whatsapp error can occur with any user, it is rare. However, users must have a clear idea of how to solve the problem. Unfortunately, WhatsApp is disabled or not responding. In this blog I’ve discussed some of the best ways to fix a bug on Android and I hope that seeing these bugs will definitely help users solve this problem.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please mention them in the comments section below.

You can contact us via our social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

[7 Ways] Fix “Unfortunately, WhatsApp Has Stopped” On Android

Sofia Louis is a professional blogger and SEO expert. Likes to write blogs and articles on Android and iOS phones. She is the founder of Android iOS data recovery and is always looking forward to troubleshooting issues related to Android and iOS devices.

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